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We're all descended from two brothers, Nicolas Rivard dit LaVigne and Robert Rivard dit Loranger.  They were among the early colonists who left Tourouvre, France in 1648-1660 for New France, establishing settlements in Batiscan and Trois-Rivieres.

Over the years, other "dit" names were also used with the Rivard surname, including Bellefeuille, Despres, Dufresne, Feuilleverte, Gervais, Giasson, Lacoursiere, LaGlanderie, Lanouette,  Lavigne, Maisonville, and Preville.

Some descendants retained Rivard, while in other families the dit extension evolved as the surname.  Other spellings of Rivard include Revard, Revord, Revor, Revoir, Revoy, Revoyr, Rivord, and Rivart.  Bellefeuille became Belfy, Bellefy, Bellfy.  Lacoursiere is also now spelled Lacourciere, Lacoursier, Lacousiere, and Lacoursere.  In the Northeast, Lacoursiere was sometimes Americanized to Lockshire and Lochshier.  Lanouette in some families became Lyman.

While these variations have made researching our roots challenging, three centuries later a group of cousins and  fellow researchers are combining efforts to document our heritage and  ancestry.

You are invited and encouraged to join your cousins in this project.  As a starting point, we hope to hear from you at the Rivard Family Forum, a newsgroup for exchanging information and meeting  cousins.

If you'd like to submit your family's information, I'll gladly add it to the Rivard Database.  Please contact me with any corrections or additions that you find.  This will always be a work in progress as we discover new cousins, previously unknown lines of Rivards, and of course newly-born additions to this wonderful family.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Updated January 26, 2010
Created  June 11, 1998
Mary Ann Mickey