Catherine St.Père


Baptism Record

Parish of St. Jean d'Angély, France

August 26th, 1634


Catherine St.Pere
On Saturday the twenty sixth of August one thousand six hundred and thirty four was
baptized Catherine daughter of Estienne St. Père & of Jeanne
Coustaud, and was godfather the venerable (illegible) Me Denis
Carrolier parish priest of Courcelle and the godmother
Catherine Barrault daughter of the late Jacques
and Mathurine Garnault of this Parish, by me
Parish priest of St. Jean d'Angély.
(signed) D Carrolier
(signed) E Blondeau (paraph)
Parish priest of Courcelle

Note:The "Me" before the name of Denis Carrolier stands for "Maître", litterally "Master".

It is a title granted to priests of high standing, to lawyers and notaries, and to master painters.