Nicolas Rivard's Contract
executed before notary Francois Choiseau at Tourouvre, France
March 6, 1648



On the aforesaid day and year in the afternoon, at the
house of the notary
Was present Nicolas Rivard residing at Tourouvre
Who has voluntarily promised and has obliged himself
and all his belongings in favour of matre Noel Juchereau
Sieur des Chastelles residing at Quebec in
New France absent, hereto represented
by Pierre Juchereau Sieur des Moulineaux
residing at Tourouvre, hereto present, to wit:
by the said Rivard to go serve the said Juchereau Sieur des
Chastelles at the said country of New France
also known as Canada for the time of three
years starting upon embarkment day
this year at La Rochelle and
terminating upon disembarking at the end of
the said time in France; the said Juchereau being responsible
to nourish him during the said time.  And moreover
this contract was entered into in consideration of the sum of sixty
six Pounds Tournois for each year, that the said Juchereau
has promised to pay or cause to be paid by Matre Noel
his brother to the said Rivard upon each and every year, on
account whereof the said Rivard acknowledges having
received from the said Juchereau the sum of fifteen Pounds
Tournois, whereof he is content.  Done and passed in the presence
of Guillaume Massard and Jean Chevallier residing
at Tourouvre witnesses who have with the said Juchereau
[words in paranthesis are ruled out:
who has declared not knowing how to sign when
requested by] who has declared not knowing how to sign when requested
by & me notary, signed.  The said Rivard has declared
not knowing how to sign when requested by me
notary, and I notified the parties to seal these
presents in conformity with the edict and arrest of the king.

(signed) P. Juchereau (paraph)
  (signed) G. Massard (paraph)
(signed) Chouaiseau notary (paraph)
     (signed) Chevallier (paraph)

The Livre (or Pound) Tournois is a currency that was first struck and minted at Tours (hence its name), its value being 1/4 less than the Pound Parisis.  Starting in the 1300's, the King's currency adopted the design of the Pound Tournois.