Greg Revord

Gregory J. Revord, Esq. of Munising, Michigan, the founding father of the Rivard Forum,  passed away  May 25, 2004 at the age of 41, following a year and a half battle with cancer.  The work he begun will be continued by his cousins, with our eternal gratitude.

Henry Lanouette

Henry, one of the founding members of the Forum, was the driving force behind the Lanouette research.  His research was more than a hobby--it was his life's work.  He compiled an amazing amount of records on the Lanouette family, both here and in Canada.  Via email, he always seemed so intense.  But after meeting Henry, I discovered two things.  He was such a gentleman, a gentle man, and a caring person.  And the most important thing in life wasn't finding his family.  It was his family.

Dawn Dahle
Dawn Dahle was a young woman who worked for IBM as a programmer and really knew computers.  She loved animals and her children. Her two sons meant the world to her. She enjoyed sports and researching genealogy.  She was generous with her time in helping others research their family lines.  She longed to move to FL from CO after her retirement to be near her parents.  Her dream almost came true.  One week after moving to FL, we suddenly lost Dawn at the young age of 52. 

Jean-Guy Lacoursiere

Jean-Guy was also a founding member of the Forum.  While Lacoursieres were his passion, he was the first to respond to any cousin in need.  For those who never met Jean-Guy, he was a little man in stature, but a GIANT of a man when it came to his lust for genealogy.  Many will attest to that.  Lacoursieres worldwide can trace their roots through the work done by this man.  Sad to say, his death is a loss that will be greatly felt by one and all.  However, the legacy that he has left behind will last forever.