Pictures from Tourouvre

Special thanks to our cousins and photographers
Isabelle Gosselin
Berchmans Lacoursiere
Garry and Kathleen Wilson
for giving us a glimpse of our Rivard ancestral home.

These photos were taken in the Spring and Summer 1998.

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Birthplace of Nicolas and Robert Rivard

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Altar at St-Aubin
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Stained glass windows
These windows were commissioned by the Prime Minister of Canada and presented to the parish of St-Aubin in the name of  his countrymen.

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Enlargement of memorial pane
"About the year 1650, Julien Mercer and 80 families of Tourouvre departed for Canada"

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Children's Window
For the children baptised in Tourouvre and who went to Canada

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Baptismal Plaque
This plaque was presented to the parish of St. Aubin in the name of  the people of Canada.
The plaque, titled "Canadiens Baptized at Tourouvre",  was photographed in two panels to better view the names and dates.  Note the signature at the bottom: 
Je Me Souviens

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Baptismal Font
Giguere of America plate visible behind font.

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Mercier Plate
Located between the Mercier and Children's stained glass windows

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Gagnon Plaque

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Cemetery at Tourouvre

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Road sign at entrance to Tourouvre

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Garden at entrance to Tourouvre
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Town Hall
Felix Leclerc and Georges Brassens Hall
St-Laurent en Isle d'Orleans, Province de Quebec
(Located across the square from St-Aubin)

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City of Mortagne 30 KB


Photos taken in 1977 and 1980

Believed to be the first home of 
Nicolas Rivard (son of Pierre Rivard and  Jeanne Mullard), located in Tourouvre.
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Aerial View of the La Courciere hamlet 
(lieu-dit), at Bons-Moulins, near Tourouvre.

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Known as being the third house of Nicolas Rivard.  Also seen in the aerial view, left foreground.
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Family of Serge Desjardins, who occupied the above house in 1980.  Note the close-up of the building in the background.
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Berchmans Lacoursiere at La Courciere, 1977.
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